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5 Apps to Make Brushing Fun for Your Little Ones

Toothbrushing apps are here to save the day! It can be a challenge to get kids excited about brushing their teeth. These apps include features that encourage regular brushing. The recommended two-minute brushing period is guided by interactive timers, catchy tunes and fun animations that engage kids’ attention and ensure that all areas of their teeth are brushed properly.

Here are 5 apps to transform brushing into an interesting and pleasant experience for your kids.

Pokémon Smile. By partnering up with some of their favorite Pokémon, children can defeat the cavity-causing bacteria and save captured Pokémon.

Mimizavr – Teeth brushing with Cute Dino. Using this app, children will learn how to properly brush their teeth while having fun at the same time. Kids will clean their teeth more thoroughly and for longer periods with cartoon clips.

Chomper Chums (App Store, Google Play). This app introduces three fun characters (lion, horse and alligator) to help your child learn how to brush properly.

MAM Brushy Time (App Store, Google Play). Besides the charming Brushy Bear story, you’ll find an interactive brushing game that lets your child help Brushy brush his teeth in the app.

Brushing Hero (App Store, Google Play). Experience a new toothbrushing RPG in which your child becomes a hero, donning different war helmets to defeat monsters.

When selecting a toothbrushing app, consider age-appropriate content, ease of use, and engaging features that match your child’s interests. Also, you should look for apps that not only provide positive reinforcement but also promote proper brushing techniques.


5 Apps to Make Brushing Fun for Your Little Ones

Dr Krystell Chiu

Dr Krystell Chiu is a dedicated dentist with a passion for spreading smiles and promoting oral health. With a background practicing in Ireland where she graduated, she has honed her skills and gained valuable experience. Currently, she is pursuing further advanced education in pediatric dentistry, reflecting her commitment to ensure a positive dental experience for young patients.

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