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Dentures as a Non Surgical, Cost-Effective Option for Restoring Your Smile

Missing teeth can have a significant impact on your confidence, ability to eat and speak comfortably, and even your facial structure. Dentures offer a cost-effective and reliable alternative to restore your smile and confidence.

Owing to their non-invasive nature, dentures are a popular non-surgical option for individuals seeking tooth replacement.

Acrylic full dentures

Cost Effective Solution

Dentures have a significant advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness. In comparison to other dental restoration techniques such as implants or bridges, dentures are considered a more affordable solution. Thus, dentures are a more viable option for individuals who require dental restoration but are looking for a cost effective solution.

Cobalt chrome dentures

Non Invasive

Compared to surgical options like implants, dentures are non invasive meaning no cutting or stitching is needed. Therefore you can expect a faster recovery.

Restoring Confidence

Dentures help to restore confidence by providing a natural-looking smile. Your custom dentures are tailored to fit your mouth, providing a comfortable and secure fit. Dentures are not only effective in improving your physical appearance as it also contributes to an increase in self-confidence.

Improving Facial Profile

The loss of teeth can result in facial muscle sagging, leading to a sunken appearance. By filling out the face, dentures can help create a more symmetrical and balanced look.

Enhanced Speech and Chewing

Missing teeth can lead to speech impediments and difficulties in chewing food. Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth and restore the functionality of your natural teeth. They can help improve speech clarity and allow you to consume a wider range of foods.

Flexi dentures (1 tooth)

Dentures are a valuable option for individuals who have missing teeth, as it provides a lasting, effective, and safe solution. In addition, the cost effectiveness of dentures make them a great choice if you are looking for non invasive replacements for your missing teeth.


Dentures as a Non Surgical, Cost-Effective Option for Restoring Your Smile

Dr Jasmine Boh

Dr Jasmine Boh obtained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the National University of Singapore. She started her professional dental career in the government service rotating through Health Promotion Board (HPB) and schools, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS) and Tampines Polyclinic. Before leaving for private practice, she was a dental officer-in-charge at Changi Naval Base. After graduation, she served in the Aesthetic Dentistry Society Singapore as a committee member and is currently a member of the Singapore Dental Association.

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